4 Must-have Outdoor Products

Outdoor time is a necessity for travelers and hikers, as we all know. The Outdoors can provide lots of fun, healthy benefits but also offers its share of negatives. To balance out those unfortune side effects, I’ve put together a list of items that are beneficial to health, wellness and comfort. Check out these four products designed for a more positive outdoor experience.

Bug Soother

I don’t know of anyone who likes mosquitos , and the fine folks that created this product have created an easy reprise to the pesky bloodsuckers. Bug Soother is honestly the best mosquito repellent I have found. I use to limit my outdoor time due to bad reactions to their bites, but this product has changed all that. A few sprays of the repellent to my clothes and exposed skin and I am confident of an evening hike or more time in the garden with no red whelps.

I placed the candle on our porch railing and noticed the absence of the flying insects. They can’t stand the smell of the candle and no longer bother us while we are enjoying the sunsets from our porch chairs. Candles, travel-size bottles, 4- to 8-ounce bottles, a large 32oz. spray bottle, family packs and more are available. Check out their products here.

Jazz Band

This product is one I was glad to try and even happier to share. The DNA Vibe’s Jazz Band is an easy way to help recover from a stressful workout or an advanced hike.

With four different modes: red, near-infrared, magnetic and micro-vibration, there are plenty of way to help work out the stiffness and pain from the day to day activities. I enjoyed the red mode as it helped with knee pain. Use it on your feet, ankles, elbows, shoulders or neck; this product is constructed to soothe any sore part of your body.

This product can also be useful for those recovering from surgery or injury. My recommendation might not be worth much, but the company’s 60-day return process should. Try it and if you aren’t as impressed with this as I was, receive a full refund-including free shipping. That guarantee is almost as comforting as the fact the product is made right here in the good ol’ USA and the company is Veteran-founded.

Suray Sun Shirt

This shirt features long sleeves and a hoodie and is made from lightweight material (zinc-powered fabric) that protects against harmful UV rays and odors. This fabric chosen to create the shirts has the unique ability to fight against bacteria instantly, leaving you feeling cool and fresh. It provides a UPF 50+ rating that remains for the life of the shirt.

Perfect for a day at the beach, on the hiking trails or any travel adventure of the day. The zippered pockets are great for keys, a cell phone and snacks.

Choose from a variety of colors and patterns for your perfect look. Keep those sunburns at bay with this lightweight, comfy shirt from Coalatree.

Zion Health Sun Screen and Beauty Balm

No matter if your outdoor time consists of 5 hours on the beach, 5 miles on a long hike or 5 minutes to check the mail, one product should always be applied before walking out the door. Zion Health’s SPF 50 sun screen offers strong protection in a lightweight addition to a beach bag or hiking backpack. An extra boost within this bottle is the anti-aging peptides, tossed in for good measure.

Another product of theirs that I tried and loved is the beauty balm. Provided a lightweight finish on my skin, with no greasy feel. An easy skincare addition to help prevent unwanted sun damage.

So, for your next vacation, day outing or recovery period , keep these products in mind for a better experience. Have you tried one of these products? Leave your feedback in the comments!

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