Russell Lee’s Newest Album is a classic country/rockabilly mix of sound

Russell Lee can be labeled as a Canadian Country Rock musician, a talented baritone who tells vivid stories with his songs and someone who is passionate about his music. His first album ‘In the Night’ was released awhile back, and included the popular ‘I Often Wonder’ that received heavy airtime.


Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Lee possesses both an instinctive passion and true calling for the music world. Siting hard work and craft dedication to his current success, Lee remains grounded as his career continues to skyrocket.

From his current album, ‘What Do I Do’, a single by the name of  ‘Picture’ held lyrics that really drew me in. Lee paints a ‘picture’ with the words, and his style and tone resembles classic country music in a way. He provides a mellow, relaxed vibe, while his clear baritone notes ring out clean and rich, line after line.  His cover of ‘If You Could Read My Mind’ is a touching one, almost with just a hint of haunt in his voice. Brilliantly covered.

With 12 cuts ranging from true country sounds to gospel to rock, there is enough variety to please even the toughest of critics.

I hear a mellow Dwight Yoakum in some of Lee’s songs; sometimes a tone similar to Buddy Holly comes shining through. A bit of hillbilly-rock tossed in with deeper tones provides Lee with a sound all his one, and one that this writer digs.

His version of ‘Amazing Grace’ is truly captivating. While listening to this cut, I closed my eyes and could sense his passion coming through the words he sang.

A line  taken from the song, ‘Picture’, is ‘There’s a story in all us, just waiting to be told’, and Russel Lee’s stories, told through his songs, should reach the top of the charts. Talented and different, Lee stands out from the crowd.

. To learn more about this artist, or to check out his newest album,  visit his website.


Full disclosure, this was a paid review of Russell Lee’s album, ‘What Do I Do’, with all opinions and thoughts shared within this blog as my own.

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