Music to Kick Start the Summer Now Available From Three Powerhouses

Summer is all about good tunes, good friends, and good times. Austin Gilliam, Brooke Hatala, and Jason Byrd are bringing the summer anthems, providing the playlists for everyone.

Austin Gilliam

Austin Gilliam’s new album, ‘I’m Sorry, I’m Fine’ releases today and features such hits as the moving, ‘Never Gonna Die’ along with ‘A Little Dirt’. This album is a well-balanced mixture of all sounds and styles, providing something for every mood, and every situation. No limiting his music to just one genre, the mixture is as big and wide as the ocean.

photo credit: Jamie Lacombe-THAT HEAVY GLOW LLC.

Paying his dues for years by working as a sideman in a variety of regional bands, his stellar songwriting skills and guitar skills took center stage, leading to his becoming the frontman of his own band.  With no signs of slowing down, Gilliam is running strong while staying true to his musical style. Though it’s hard to pinpoint his style into just one category, perhaps the best way to label his style would be a unique take on Americana Rock. To borrow from old lyrics, ‘He’s a little bit country, and he’s a little rock and roll’.

No matter what genre you place it in, sounds from Austin Gilliam are catchy, relatable, and a great addition to that summer playlist.

Brooke Hatala

A native of North Carolina, this Nashville gal has some vocals! This country version of ‘All the Single Ladies’ is a great anthem for single girls facing a summer solo. At 15, Hatala was a contest on The Voice and was one of the youngest contestants to earn a blind audition.

Other claims to fame include opening for the legendary Willie Nelson and currently takes the stage more than 80 times a year. Be sure to follow her for more relatable tunes.

Jason Byrd

A summer banner song has dropped this week from artist Jason Byrd. Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, the traditional country music artist has provided ‘Gulf Coastin’, highlighting some superb destinations to celebrate the summer. This is sure to be a hit with all the locals within the Gulf Coast, including the visitors that celebrate at Florida’s section of the Gulf Coast. Whether daydreaming of the beach or experiencing it first-hand, this song will have you ready to fire up the pontoon, kick up the volume and sing along.


No stranger to country music, Byrd has opened for greats such as Loretta Lynn, Mark Chestnutt, and Tracy Lawrence.

Byrd self-penned a duet that features the late George Jones, who was a mentor to Byrd. The track, ‘Better Life’ was originally ready for release just prior to Jones’ death, and out of respect for him, Byrd pocketed the duet. In 2021, Byrd gained the blessing of Nancy Jones to release the duet, which promptly gained attention, and was nominated for Single of the Year at the Josie Music Awards.

Three artists. Three unique songs. One celebration of summer.

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