3 Essential Items for Travel and Home

I’m back with another roundup of great items that are must-haves for travelers and homesteaders alike. This week I will be highlighting a way to stay cool, a way to stay hydrated and a way to stay looking young. Quite the gumbo pot of products, I know. But, each is amazing in its own way. So, without further ado…

A way to stay cool

Whether you are hiking the nature trails or working in your vegetable garden, this first product is a lifesaver. As you might have already guessed, I spend time each day in my veggie garden. There’s always something to do and always a way to break a sweat. I’m in Florida, so even working at daybreak can still be a warm environment. My better half works for the city so he too knows the downside to being outside in the Florida heat.

That is when an amazing product was shipped to me. Appropriately called ‘No Sweat’ these hat and cap liners are divine. Easy to add to either ball caps or hats, they really do live up to their name. I can’t tell you how nice it is to put on my ball cap, spend some time tending my garden and not have sweat pouring over my eyes. My hubby likes his just as well. It is unbelievable to him how much less sweat there is during his work day.

I recommend this easy-to-install, must-have addition to any cap or hat , sun visor, helmet, or even a hardhat. This would be great for anyone spending time outside. This would even be good for your kids’ baseball team caps. You can order yours here.

A Way to Stay Hydrated

As a traveler, I am always looking for practical souvenirs. Something to remind me of a certain vacation, while also serving a purpose. Usually, my go to item is a magnet for the fridge. Easy to see but out of the way. And, sometimes they are useful for grocery lists.

Thankfully, Well Told has a much better souvenir, with a much better purpose. Stemless wine glasses with a national park emblem etched into the glass. Look at this one I received that is a reminder of Tennessee. Each time I visit a national park, I will be ordering the coordinating stemless wine glass.

Great Smoky Mountains Stemless Wine Glass

Choose from one or all 12 national park etched stemless wine glasses, or maybe one of your home town map. Other etching options range from world topography, famous islands, marathon route maps, international city maps or the night sky. Start your collection today! Just a quick mention, there are also plenty of products for kitchen and bar, drinkware, home & apparel, gifts, and outdoor/adventure themes. Academic themes include history, lit and astronomy along with math & science. Don’t forget the free shipping for orders over $50!

A Way to Stay Looking Young

This product that I sampled was simply perfection. Honestly. After a few nights of applying this serum to the lines under my eyes, I could tell a difference. I loved the way it seemed to help my skin relax and heal. I highly recommend Dr. Nigma’s product to anyone who wants to look younger, or keep their youthful appearance. After a long day of traveling, or a hectic day of work, this serum is a good way to help your face be pampered. It goes on smooth and silky and leaves your face with a soft, velvet-like feel. Get yours here and see what a difference this product can bring!

So, there you have it! Three products that tie back into traveling in one loose way or another. All three of these products are great to have and will make a nice addition to your home and your time on the road.

Until next time!

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