Include these Travel and Beauty Products on Next Outing

While the main point of this blog is to highlight musical events and travel destinations, every now and then I like to share some travel hacks, beauty products and other travel-related items to make life a bit easier. The items shared below have all been provided to me in sample forms, allowing me to share my thoughts about the products.

Travel Products

EZQuest Fast Chargers

When traveling, it might be hard to keep up with all the devices, chargers and available charging locations, especially in RV travel. That is where the EZQuest  Fast Charger comes in. These chargers are available in a variety of four models, and vary from a triple plug to a mini single box.

Also available are the USB wall outlets. These chargers will save space and allow up to three devices to charge at once.  A game changer for the overnights in hotel rooms or lengthy RV trips. For the variety of products available, you can learn more here.

Steady Straps

This product is a must for traveling, hiking or just relaxing. A comfy band fits through the camera and charging cutout on a cell phone holder and then overlaps on the inside of the case, before being attached by Velcro. Easy Peasy, now there is always a strap available for any time, any event.  In addition to making the phone easier to hold during video chats, it will also help allow for extra steady nature photos while traveling down the road or hiking down the path.

Check out all the patterns and colors available at and pick up one, or two.

Beauty Products and Shoes

Kizik Shoes

The first item I wanted to mention is for men, women and kids.  Kizik shoes are sneakers with a patented heel design that allows the shoe to go on your foot similar to a flip flop. Just a few steps and you will be on your way:

  • Slide your toes in
  • The heel of the shoe will compress, allowing your foot to slide in.
  • Once you have your foot in the shoe completely, the heel will spring back up, securing your foot.

I found this to  be quite helpful on hiking trips. No more loose shoe strings that need retying and no more being sidetracked while on an outing. As a mom, I wish these shoes would have been available when my daughter was growing up.

There are a variety of sizes and colors available for all members of the family.  See the full variety of options here.


This last product is my favorite and while it is a product used daily, I included it here because it is a great product for the face. After a long day of traveling, this peel-off mask can help relax and soothe your face. The FACTORFIVE soothing facial mask is an ultra-cooling facial mask that works to  combat inflammation and redness. The cutting-edge formula contains safe and effective ingredients and more importantly, the company never tests on animals.

To order a mask to try for yourself, visit them here.

I know we’ve all tried a variety of face masks but this one seemed to be different, in my opinion. I have redness on my cheeks and just one mask seemed to lessen the brightness. This is why I am happy to share this product with you. Well, actually, I found all these items to be helpful in one way or another.

Now that I’ve shared some must-haves for traveling, please stay tuned for new travel and music blog posts soon!

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