Kelly Lang’s Soulful ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’ Video is Magic

Kelly Lang’s latest video dropped today and it is the perfect blend of original and tribute. Taking someone else’s hit and  turning it into a unique sound all your own, all while keeping the original essence isn’t an easy chore. But, it is something Lang has pulled off perfectly.

Her soulful tone tells the story in such a way that the listener might just believe it is the first time hearing the song.  Lang put her own spin on it, adding just the right touch of a bluesy overtone to make it memorable. 

September 18th is when her 8th studio album “Old Soul II” will be released and if this song is any indication of the album’s greatness, its going to be the perfect addition to any music library. 

I’m still ‘obsessed’ with her 12-track CD that was released back in 2017. You can check out that album review here, but I will just say the honesty, poured-out emotions and killer guitar featured throughout many of the tracks, left this fan (and many others) with a new album added to the ‘all-time favorite’ category. Competing strongly in this category is the “Iconic Duets” album that featured her equally talented husband, TG Sheppard. 

But, back to present day, on the video of ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’, Lang’s vocals soar. During  the video, the view from the train car’s windows show the journey from Cali to GA.

Lang shared her thoughts on recording this iconic song:

“Being that I am THE biggest Gladys Knight fan of all time, it was only fitting that I would include her classic song ‘Midnight Train To Georgia’ on my new project ‘Old Soul II,’ shares Lang. “A friend of mine, the great Jim Weatherly wrote this iconic tune that has now been proclaimed Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and was inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 1999. I know you are not supposed to fix what is not broken, but I wanted to honor her in the best way I know how, and that is by recording her incredible song. In doing this, I hope to keep her music and legacy alive for the next generation to hear.” 

View the moving video here, as premiered by Cowboys & Indians. 

Lang was recently presented with the “Icon Award” at the Alice Awards Gala. Honored for her inspiring story of being a cancer survivor, her healing experience and her long-lasting marriage with husband and music legend, T.G. Sheppard. 

For everything Kelly Lang, be sure to check out her website

Have a favorite song or memory of Lang you’d like to share? Comments are open!

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