Orlando’s Discovery Cove Provides an All-Inclusive Water Paradise

Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida is part island hideway, part animal encounter wonderland. More specifically, this water-filled resort offers animal encounters many only dream about. Your ticket to this Orlando oasis provides plenty of activities for a full day of aquatic wonder.

Kick back and relax in Orlando's hidden paradise at Discovery Cove.        Swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove Orlando

Pictures throughout this post are courtesy of Discovery Cove.

A  purchased ticket for a day at Discovery Cove includes:

  • Complimentary parking
  • Unlimited Food and Drink- Arrive early for breakfast, & enjoy lunch, snacks and drinks
  • Unlimited Beach and Waterway play time-snorkel with the fishes, float the lazy river or rest on the sandy  beaches
  • Usage of Wetsuits and Snorkel Gear
  •  Swimming and/or snorkeling with of tropical fish and stunning habitats within The Grand Reef
  • Opportunity to hand-feed a variety of tropical birds
  • Viewing opportunities of animals

Food and Drink

All meals are included with entry and are made with fresh, local and healthy ingredients. An all-you-can-eat buffet runs from 7:30-10:30am, with lunch served between 11:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Salads and wraps available during your Discovery Cove Orlando lunch          Offering a delicious lunch during your stay at Discovery Cove Orlando

Beverages range from the caffeine-packed gourmet coffee, to refreshing, ice-cold beverages along with a selection of beer and wine. Add the premium drink package to your day. It  includes choices from a fully stocked liquor bard, selection of craft and domestic beers, red and white wine and a selection of signature cocktails.

Get the Full Experience

If that isn’t enough comfort and activity, there are extra add-ons that can be purchased, based on availability.

  1. SeaVenture- Pull down the diving helmet and get ready to start out on your underwater walking tour. Be surrounded by fish, come nose-to-nose to sharks (thanks to a  large panoramic window) and be able to touch unique sea life during your excursion. Start with a short orientation and then enjoy the trainer-guided adventure throughout the Grand Reef floor.

Experience SeaVenture at Discovery Cove Orlando

2.Swimming with Sharks- Not much more to say. Get as close as you dare to the 20+ sharks within this add-on exhibit. Snorkel among blacktip reef, bonnethead, zebra and nurse sharks.

Swim with sharks at Discovery Cove

3. Animal Trek-How does a private tour behind-the-scenes sound? Participate in a private tour and experience up-close photo ops with a variety of small mammals and birds. Winding through a private oasis, the 30-minute tour includes park ambassadors such as macaws, a rescued owl and more members of the bird species. There is a variety of mammals you will have the chance to meet during your journey, including armadillo, anteaters and the slow-moving sloth.

4.Trainer for a Day- This neat add-on option allows you to be a VIP. Behind-the-scenes, a second interaction opportunity with the dolphins, including a private photo session (photo purchase extra), special meet-and-greet opportunities, a private session at the otter habitat and more.

Morning Add-on Experiences:
  • Flamingo Mingle
  • Stingray  Feeding
Cabana Rentals and day beds

Be comfy throughout the entire stay with your own little slice of paradise when you rent a cabana. Three packages available for rental: Private, Elite and VIP. Privacy and comfort await your stay at one of these 6-to 8-person cabanas or a two-adult, canopy-covered day bed. Explore all the options here. 

Discovery Cove was a great experience for my daughter and I when we went back in 2018. Things have changed and new adventures have been added, which means we are overdue for another day of fun in paradise.

Looking for your day in paradise? Plan your perfect getaway and consider a generous hotel package. 

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