Interview: Ali Angel; Releasing Single, Video for “Extra Wild”

Naturally soulful, with blends of rock, country twang and Motown mixed in, Ali Angel is definitely defining herself as an artist, and a writer. Three singles are set to drop in the new couple of months, with one available on March 4th. “Extra Wild” is the first single from her new EP to be available for streaming and the video will be dropping on March10th.  Ali took some time out of her schedule to participate in an interview and the conversation is shared below.  To learn more about this talented artist,  follow her on Instagram,

A bit background (and future ideas) about Ms. Ali- in her own words:

I moved back to LA after graduating Tulane in 2019 and decided I’d fully commit to pursuing music. I had played a couple shows with a band in New Orleans at school, but moving back to LA I had to start from scratch in building up a band. I started by playing solo shows—coffeeshop open mics and small sets at tiny places. Eventually I grew my network, researched more, and learned about bigger spaces and opportunities and started playing better venues with a new band (who would become the musicians on my EP songs and my producers). I met these people through family connections and funny enough Tulane connections too! I’ve done random co-writes with people I’ve met through friends, via Instagram and music networking events etc. Currently I’ve staged my focus on my own music project, EP, and shows but am open to expanding in the world of co-writing a lot more in the future. 

Regarding where she sees her career in five years:

I see myself managing to make a livable wage off my music! I see myself collaborating with artists I love on new projects, performing at big festivals and being on exciting tours! Those are the main goals I’m working towards. I want to build a sustainable, steady career in music that allows me to connect with amazing communities, artists, and really live out my full potential and discover, even more so, what that means for me and my career in music!


On her motivation for this EP:

I wanted this EP to really have that retro, soulful sound that’s inspired me so much—a little bit of Motown, a little bit of twang and soul and a little bit of rock and I wanted to establish myself off the bat as an artist that has her own distinct sound which blends all of this. I really just wanted to make music that production and style wise SOUNDED like the music I liked—it’s easy to have good taste, but it’s not as easy to create art that embodies that taste always! That’s what I’m trying to do with each new project or song and it’s not easy, but I love the challenge.

Her work motto/advice to others:

Do the things that scare you the most. I’ve found that whenever I go with my gut or take the risks that I’ve always wanted to, I’m happier and closer to where I want to be. I think that sense of fear and urgency is our inner selves and our internal alarm system trying to alert us of the things we need to do, choices we need to make etc., in order to get closer to our purpose.


Song selection process for an EP:

This EP was not a concept project, so it basically is a collection of my favorite songs I’ve written thus far—the songs that have lasted the longest in my live band setlists and that felt the closest to what I wanted to do in terms of my music. I think sonically they all connect in the sense that they’re inspired by the retro-soul, classic sound.

Where she gets her musical influence from:

Some of my influences are St Paul and the Broken Bones, Lake Street Dive, Elton John, Laura Jean Anderson, Dan Auerbach, Aaron Frazer, Nicole Atkins, Leon Bridges, Margo Price, Al Green, Jenny Lewis, Haim… the list goes on! A couple favorite albums in terms of inspiration are The Rolling Stone’s, “Emotional Rescue”, Haim’s “Women in Music Pt III”, “Al Green Gets Next To You” and Dan Auerbach’s, “Malibu”.

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