Shane Owens: Classic Country Cowboy  

Shane Owens is a vocal force with no plans of slowing down. Along with a few other artists, he is doing more than his share of work to keep classic country music alive and kicking on the radio. Last fall’s ‘Music Man’, was well received and is still climbing in the charts. Rest assured, more music is on the way. Shane said they are in the process of selecting 6 songs to be in an upcoming EP, expected to be available within the next few months.

His philosophy in work and life, along with advice to others, truly mimics the southern traditions he grew up learning: Believe in yourself, be thankful because that goes a long way, love and respect one another, keep your nose clean and surround yourself with honest people who believe in what you are doing.

Growing up in Alabama, Shane lists his grandmother as one of his biggest influences. He explains that she gave him his start in music. She played the piano in church and he would sing in the choir. Shane shared he has also been fortunate in having a supportive, great family.

As with so many others, Shane loved the sounds from Randy Travis, John Anderson and all the other amazing artists from the 80s and 90s.  Shane explained that it was ‘an awesome experience for him to be able to work with one of heroes’ when Randy Travis produced the single, ‘Where I’m Comin’ From’ back in 2015.  About the experience, Shane shared more came from that experience than just work. He said it was an honor to not only work with him but being able to call him a friend. Randy made a cameo in another song, ‘Country Never Goes out of Style’. Watch that video here.

The tone and delivery of Shane’s music is similar to his heroes, and he says having them in his corner now, just gives more confidence to be who he is. If listening to his music doesn’t show who he is, maybe this next quote from him will shine some light:

‘I’m a Real lover of traditional country music. I think everyone who’s ever heard a Shane Owens song knows that, so we’re blessed and humbled and honored to be where we are today’.

It was an honor to get a few minutes of the artist’s time. As a life-long country music fan, it is refreshing to hear more traditional sounds within a split genre that is equally well-known for modern, pop country. That is why artists like Shane have placed him on my list of favorites.

He keeps the world of live instruments and traditional country lyrics alive and fresh, with his hard work  fans adding him to the long list of ‘Country Music Greats’.  While conducting the interview, each of his answers gave the feeling of respect, confidence and humbleness, prompting this blogger to label him a  true ‘Classic Country Cowboy’.

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