An interview with Dave Herrera: ‘Hella Country’ Video Release, Upcoming Fall Concert Dates

I was fortunate to gain some interview time with Dave Herrera and he graciously provided some insight to his career’s journey. The talented singer, songwriter and guitar player is gearing up for some concert dates starting next month.

Below is the Q & A exchange.

Dave Herrera sitting in truck bed.


TNT: Aside from hard work and determination, what has fueled your desire to become a successful singer/songwriter?
DH: I’m not sure I’m necessarily a successful singer-songwriter per se. I’m just trucking along writing stories about experiences that I’ve had in life. It’s one of those things where you have an experience that translates onto paper and then into the studio with a vocal for others to hear – that is what makes songwriting feel like a success. Having experiences that can be shared with the world is priceless. The next question after sharing your stories is seeing whether or not people can relate to your experience and or enjoy the journey with you.

TNT:  Who inspired you to make music?
DH: Honestly, my own life experiences inspired me to make music. There’s not one specific person. I would say it is an entire life of experiences that have inspired my work if that makes sense!

TNT: What is the best advice you’ve received and who shared the advice?
DH: The best advice I’ve received is – just be yourself, write music, and be a part of music that is meaningful to you! This was advice from my mom!  

TNT: Which song that you’ve written do you consider having the most meaning to you personally? What was the writing process like for this song?
DH: Each of the songs has a strong meaning to me for one reason or another, but there’s a song that we will be releasing later this year called “Still Livin’” that means a lot to me personally. It is basically about enjoying all the simple things in life that we tend to forget about because of how fast we are moving throughout life. The writing process was similar to each of the other songs – digging into the memory bank is where it started!

TNT: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would you choose, and why?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     DH: I’ve been asked this question several times. There are so many wonderful artists and creators that produce amazing music, but I always seem to come back to Willie Nelson as a person I’d like to collaborate with on a very simple, but fun song. I have a couple of ideas in mind, so Willie if you’re out there and read this, call me!

The latest hit, ‘Hella Country’, was co-written by Dave and the video sends some love to his fans. Dave accepted videos from his fans and incorporated some of them into his video.  You can watch that video here.

For more on this artist, visit these sites: Instagram | Spotify | Facebook | TikTok Website

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