Kelly Lang’s Latest Album is truly an ‘Obsession’

Kelly Lang has outdone herself, yet again. Her latest 12-track CD,’Obsession’, has been titled appropriately. This recently released album is absolutely an obsession of mine, and new listeners will barely get through a handful of tracks before it becomes their favorite new album as well. The attention-grabbing, beautiful cover is just the beginning.



Written and produced by Lang, she put a lot of herself into this album:

“This is the most personal album I have ever done,” says Lang. “The vulnerability it takes to share your innermost thoughts as a writer with the listener is a bit daunting, but I hope they can feel my sincerity within the music. I hope that everyone can relate to at least one track on this album. It ranges from the upbeat and light hearted ‘Mr. Right’ to the dramatic ballad in ‘I’ll Just Hold My Breath.’ It is a little intimidating being the sole writer and producer on a project because if it’s not well received, you’re responsible for that. However, if it’s good and your audience is into it, that’s also yours to claim.”

And well received, it has been. The relatable lyrics express emotions, thoughts and feelings that cover such a variety of situations. After listening to all cuts, it is doubtful that any listener couldn’t apply the song to their own lives.

Lang’s soulful voice speaks volumes, and in a touching manner, almost as though to be singing to each listener directly; providing new insight to a common situation.

‘Wonder Woman’ is the theme song to independent women, and features some bitchin’ guitar sounds throughout as well.

‘Mr.Right’ doesn’t sugarcoat any messages. Tonight,  December 15, Heartland TV will exclusively premiere the official music video for “His Guitar”. The new video will air at 11 PM CT on Heartland’s Country Music Today video program. Re-airings will be broadcast on Saturday at 5 PM CT and Sunday at 5 AM CT. Following the premiere, “His Guitar” will be added into regular rotation on Country Music Today as well as Heartland’s Third Shift music video show.

I had a lot of adjectives come to mind while reviewing this album: Jazzy, classic, mesmerizing, emotional, lyrical and classy. Soulful, genuine, sexy and lullaby are other words that describe this awesome album, that, well, just might be your very own next ‘Obsession’.

This is one CD that needs to be the newest addition to any music collection.

Just in time for Christmas, autographed copies of Obsession are available for purchase at

Here’s the breakdown of the album:

  1. My New Obsession
  2. Last One Standing In The Rain
  3. What Do You Do When You Don’t
  4. Under A Tennessee Moon
  5. Mr. Right
  6. One Day Too Late
  7. His Guitar
  8. Don’t Play Games With Me
  9. Hell Hath No Fury
  10. Lay Me Down Easy
  11. Wonder Woman
  12. I’ll Just Hold My Breath

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