Review: Russell Lee’s Single, ‘Meant to Be’

Russell Lee is quickly becoming one of my favorite country artists. On the heels of the successful album, ‘What Do I Do’, comes a beautifully-told story of love.


Meant to Be

Taking the good with the bad, ‘Meant to Be’ shares the emotion that most couples have experienced a few times over their relationship.

Russell Lee’s music is so relatable, and his songs put into words the emotions we all seem to feel at one point or another.

‘Meant to Be’ is a brilliant love song, mixing the most basic of feelings with a variety of situations. This song reaches the young man in love with a woman in a different relationship. He knows that if it is ‘meant to be’, they will end up together eventually.

The single, middle-aged woman who wonders if her Mr. Right will ever be found can also take this song to heart.

That is the wonderful thing about this song, along with others by the artist; the lyrics are so specifically neutral that almost anyone can hear it and adapt it to their specific situation.

Russell Lee is gaining ground in the Canadian Country Music world, with several nominees lately, including Male Artist of the Year. While listening to his songs, I hear more than just a talented baritone. I hear glimpses of the late, great story teller, Mr. Don Williams, mixed with the occasional song stylings of Dwight Yoakum and a dash of Dave Matthews.

This makes for a great and diverse sound, and it is no wonder Russell Lee is making his mark in the country music world. Because, after all, some things are just ‘meant to be’.

To learn more about this artist, or to check out his newest single, visit his website.

Full disclosure, this was a paid review of Russell Lee’s single, with all opinions and thoughts shared within this blog being my own.

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