Hank Jr To Ask Again, ‘Are You Ready for Some Football’?

The opening credits of ESPN’s Monday Night Football has been a bit boring since 2001. Luckily, the six-year bad streak is about to end. This fall, fans will once again be hearing the iconic anthem, led by Hank Williams, Jr. Even better news- he won’t be alone. Popular duo, Florida Georgia Line and recording artist Jason Derulo will also be participants.

hank fl ga line football
Photo courtesy of Webster PR Pictured L-R: Robert Toms (ESPN), Michael “Spike” Szykowny (Habana Avenue), Lucas Nickerson (Habana Avenue), Steven J. Levy (Habana Avenue), Ken Levitan (Vector Management), Brian Kelley (Florida Georgia Line), Hank Williams Jr., Jason Derulo, Frank Harris (23 Management), Kirt Webster (Webster Public Relations), Tyler Hubbard (Florida Georgia Line), Seth England (Big Loud Mountain).

When the kick-off of the returning season happens, it will make the 24th season that Williams has performed the weekly anthem. The 48th season is set to begin September 11th, with a doubleheader. New Orleans Saints @ Minnesota Vikings will kick off the season, followed by the LA Chargers @ Denver Broncos.

The opening anthem will vary each week, featuring team-specific lyrics and visuals, based on the pre-scheduled regular-season ESPN matchups.

Webster PR shared the following quotes from ESPN, Williams, Florida Georgia Line members and music director Ricky Reed:

Monday Night Football has the most famous music video in sports television. It’s time to bring it back,” said Stephanie Druley, Senior Vice President, ESPN events and studio production. “The combination of Hank Williams Jr. with Florida Georgia Line and Jason Derulo will get fans excited and ready for kickoff every Monday night on ESPN this fall.”

“I started in 1989 when ABC was celebrating the 20th season of Monday Night Football,” said Hank Williams Jr. “It soon became a staple that fans grew to expect and wanted to see and hear. I am thrilled to be back and bring the fans such a new and dynamic rendition of this anthem. Are You Ready For Some Football? Cause I sure am!”

Ricky Reed (Nice Life Recording Company), a 2016 Grammy Award nominee for Producer of the Year, is the music director. Mike “Spike” Szykowny (producer) and co-directors Lucas Nickerson and Chris Mantzaris of ESPN Creative Services are overseeing production of the video with MNF producer Jay Rothman and Vice President, Creative and Studio Direction, Bob Toms. Habana Avenue produced the video shoot.

“This is a huge honor to be a part of such a legendary song and night!” said Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard.

FGL’s Brian Kelley added: “We all grew up watching Monday Night Football and it’s surreal to join Jason Derulo and Hank Williams Jr. on this new version that gives a nod back but also a step forward!”

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