Home Free Releases New Video, ‘Colder Weather’

Home Free’s newest album, ‘Full of (Even More) Cheer’, is the season’s greatest gift. And the bow on top is the group’s staple, ‘Colder Weather’, included in the album.

The video has been posted on YouTube, and is shared below. So, view, share and comment about the newest addition to Home Free’s impressive video collection. Want to see more videos of Home Free? Visit this link to tune in to their YouTube channel.



  1. HOME FREE truly is incredible!!..What these master arrangers/multi-instrumentalists can with only voices is mind-blowing!!..Their covers are usually better than the originals & their originals are awesome, like beautiful “I’VE SEEN”
    & inspiring “EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY”!!…Then you see/hear them LIVE (w/o instruments, 5 guys, 5 mics, a light-
    ing tech & sound tech who said: he uses reverb/volume controls, but NO auto-tune) & they sound like a full band!!!
    Each voice is amazing alone, then together, those HARMONIES!!!!
    Waiting for the day when one of their amazing originals hits #1 on Country Charts & watch them soar even higher!!!
    Thx for the great article & posting this awesome vid!!……BTW, it doesn’t hire that they’re all very tall, down-to-earth,
    good-looking & dryly funny w/their audiences!!!…..They take their music seriously, but not themselves!!..LOVE!!! 🙂 🙂


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