List of Winners of Nashville Universe Awards Ceremony

The 2016 Nashville Universe Awards Ceremony was held this past Monday (11-7) at the Wildhorse Saloon.


Voting for these awards ended October 19th, and voting sessions were broken down into two time frames, with nominations accepted back in August.

For those who missed Monday’s ceremony,here’s a list of winners for the major categories for Nashville Universe:

-Song of the Year: “Sweet Life,” Tate Stevens

Tate Stevens won the second season of the U.S. The X Factor in 2012, securing a $5 million recording contract with Syco Music and RCA Records Nashville. Watch the video for 2016’s song of year here.

-Rising Star Award: Celeste Kellogg

Celeste Kellogg was once on the Disney Radio station, and has received Linda Davis’ endorsement as being the ‘Shania of this generation’. She released ‘You and Me’ this past summer.  Check out her bio here.

-Music Video of the Year: “Dancing in the Rain,” Darrin Morris

Darrin Morris is currently on the ‘Country to the Bone’ tour. Want to see them while they are on the road? Check out their tour scheduled. Here is a link to the music video of the year.

-Songwriter of the Year: Lance Carpenter

Lance Carpenter scored a number one hit with ‘Love Me Like You Mean It, and is quickly working his way to the top. Be sure to view his latest video here.

-Musician of the Year: Shredder Pinstripe

Shredder Pinstripe is a Neo Classical Guitarist .He is  old school 80’s Metal with some classical  threw in ,he has come up with is own electrifying style of lead guitar. Read his full bio on his website.

-Music Producer of the Year: Doc Holiday

The resume for this outlaw-named producer is a huge who’s-who of Nashville and Memphis. At an early age, he opened for the ‘Killer’, the ‘Boss’ and the father of the ‘twist’, Chubby Checker. Advance a few years and he remained constant in writing, producing and performing. Read his amazing bio over at CMT’s website.

-Radio Single of the Year: “Just Got Paid,” Dee Jay Silver featuring Austin Webb

This is a great jam, Dee Jay provides crisp and clear vocals to a song many of us can relate to on Friday. Hear for yourself and see why this is indeed the Radio single of the year!

-Duo of the Year: 2Steel Girls

From the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, to ‘The Voice’ and beyond, these two gals are a force to be reckoned with. Read all about their journey, and follow them on their social media channels! View their latest video.

-Male Vocalist of the Year: Tate Stevens

Walking home with two awards, Tate Stevens has had a banner year. This up-and-comer will be rubbing elbows with some of Nashville’s finest, aboard the Country Cruising cruiseship slated for January.

-Female Vocalist of the Year: SaraBeth

SaraBeth’s ‘You Rock My Rodeo’ can be viewed here. A few months back, this songbird was named in the top 10 of Battle of the Bands, and album, ‘Full Speed Ahead’ was a number one hit on iTunes.

-Vocal Group of the Year: Southern Halo

This trio of teenage sisters is taking Nashville by storm! Their current single, “Rewind,” is moving up the MusicRow CountryBreakout Chart. Their remarkable harmonies put them in the company of Lade Antebellum and Little Big Town.

-Entertainer of the Year: Trailer Choir

It has been a few years since this group was ‘rocking the beer gut’, but they were talented then, and they talent has tripled! Check out their YouTube Channel, and learn the secrets that lead to their big win!


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