Review: Sylvia’s ‘All in the Family’

Sylvia’s new album, It’s All in the Family, is a must-have for ‘classic’ country fans. Her first record in 14 years will be available for purchase on October 8th, 2016.


I hope this music inspires and encourages people of all ages to continue to create in whatever genre brings them joy,” stated Sylvia. “I have found that there is no age limit on creativity. Your best work is ahead of you! I’ve felt like a kid again making this record, and I can hardly wait to share it with the world!

After reviewing this album, I can sum up all my thoughts by saying this album is Storytelling at its best.  A ‘skittles mix’ of song styles and sounds, this album offers something for everyone.

Her pure, crisp vocal style shines through each and every track. She has brought back the traditional country sounds during intros to songs like ‘Every Time a Train Goes By’ and ‘All in the Family’.  ‘Somebody’s Daughter’ reminds us to be nice to everyone, and features violins throughout the song, and also features a nice instrumental intro that is peaceful.

The attention grabbing, romantic vibes on ‘Leave the Past in the Past’ is something every couple can relate to at one time or another in their lifetime.

Her songs really seem to draw the listener in, allowing the words to paint vivid scenes in the mind of the listener.

The bluegrass breakdown on ‘Grandpa Kirby Runnin’ the Hounds’ was a nice treat, while ‘A Right Turn’ features the perfect blend of instrumentals, providing the classic country sound. Switching sounds from Americana to Irish tunes, ‘Immigrant Shoes’ depicts an epic journey from one shore to another.

My favorite track from this album is ‘Cumberland Rose’. From the  A cepella intro, this song is stripped down, featuring her welcoming voice that draws you in. Backed up by a friendly banjo, the bluegrass overtones blend in to the vocals, providing another welcomed nod to the 80s country.

Speaking of music from the 80’s, Sylvia’s hits from that decade include ‘Snap Shot’, ‘Nobody’ and ‘Never My Love’.

Currently on tour, Sylvia can be seen at these locations:

Sept. 10 – Llano, Texas – Llano Country Opry Latex Theater

Nov. 4 – Saginaw, Mich. – Temple Theater

Nov. 5 – Allegan, Mich. – Allegan High School

Nov. 16 – Port Huron, Mich. – McMorran Auditorium

Nov. 17 – Monroe, Mich. – River Raisin Center

Nov. 18 – Paw Paw, Mich. – Paw Paw High School

Jan. 27 – Feb. 03 – Tampa, Fla. – Country Music Cruise




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