Home Free announces Christmas (in July) Tour Dates!!

Great news, Home Fries…Home Free has just announced tour dates for the remainder of 2016, and a few in 2017.

The amazing A cappella group has been kicking out covers of some of today’s hottest hits, as well as many staples from decades back. They have teamed up with greats such as Kenny Rogers, Charlie Daniels and the Oak Ridge Boys.

So, for those not familiar with the group, here is a link to their You Tube Channel. Fans were sad to see Chris say goodbye to the group, but the good news is that he still plans to collaborate with the group and will still ‘be a part’ of Home Free.

I have yet to see this group in concert, and would love to hear from those who have seen them live. Take a minute to share your experience in the comments below.  Until I get to their concert, I am thankful for their You Tube channel!

Here is the breakdown of their tour schedule. It is one concert you won’t want to miss!


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