Loretta Lynn’s new album, Full Circle, makes ‘classic country’ modern again!

Loretta Lynn has always been a pioneer in the country music world. She was one of  the first women to sing about the true and controversial topics such as birth control, and her duets with Conway are just as popular today as they were 30 years ago.

Full Circle is Loretta Lynn's first album in nearly 12 years.

What is the power behind her longevity? Loretta seems to have always stayed close to her roots, her true self. She didn’t create a persona to become famous, she was herself. Fans of country music saw Loretta for what she was, a talented singer and songwriter, drawing on her own life experiences. The real-life overtones of her songs resonated with country fans, bringing to the spotlight situations that were similar to their lives. Loretta became a voice women could relate to, and that level of connection is what leaves the superstar timeless.

While listening to Loretta’s new album, ‘Full Circle’, I am reminded of her talent, and her ability to mix modern with classic tones, all while never changing her brand of country.

‘Full Circle’ consists of 13 songs and a one-minute intro at the start of the album. It is a collection of new and classic hits, and is a new-found favorite of this writer. As a fan of ‘classic country’ music, I would love to see more albums released from the artists of that time frame.

The first song, ‘Whispering Sea’ has a Hawaiian feel to it. Perhaps a blue Hawaiian feel. While listening to the instrumental opening, one could picture palm trees swaying and slow-moving luau dancers. Loretta’s haunting accent comes into play, reminding us why she has always been a staple within the country music field.

Loretta provides a fresh take on a classic staple made famous by Elvis and covered by Willie Nelson. ‘Always on my mind’ was a good choice for this album, as it fits perfectly with her ability to take a famous song, put her style and sound into it, providing what almost seems like a brand new song.

Speaking of remaking a classic, I was glad to hear an updated version of her hit, ‘Fist City’. Her spunk still shines through clearly, and is just another example of why we love Loretta.

To answer one of Loretta’s other titles from the new album, everyone is going to miss you when you are gone. Miss Loretta, you have created ageless stories for generations to come. Stories that have been shared from mothers to daughters, friends to friends and you have provided a voice, and a legacy, that will remain always.

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