New Album from Alabama is the perfect blend of Rock and Country

When I learned of Alabama’s upcoming album, I was more than excited! Growing up with Alabama’s music, I was thrilled that I could add another album to my online collection.

2014’s BayFest Music Festival in Mobile,AL.Photo Credit: Debra Pamplin

While listening to tracks online of the newly released ‘Southern Drawl’ album, I was pleasantly surprised. I had been reading where the album wasn’t what folks would be expecting as ‘typical Alabama. While the love songs on the album were just as strong as classic singles, a few of the songs did feature today’s version of country songs.

Just like when the group started climbing the charts in the 80’s, today’s Alabama’s  is still performing with the same heart and soul. Alabama has always been a trend setter, and their take on today’s music still leaves them in a league of their own.

Ballads such as ‘As Long as There’s Love’ and ‘Wasn’t Through Lovin’ You Yet’ are similar to what ‘Bama fans are used to. The group easily switches gears, producing a very modern sound with single ‘Footstompin’ Music’.

‘I Wanna Be There’ will pull at the heartstrings of anyone who has been blessed with a child. While listening to this song, I automatically recalled phases of my daughter’s life, and I think many others can relate just as easily to this song.

‘One on One’ clearly demonstrates that Randy Owen still knows how to sing a romantic ballad!

The a Capella group, ‘Home Free’ had their newest album released  on the same day, and one of their songs  paid tribute to the boys from Fort Payne. You can read that full article here.

While I personally prefer the ‘old school’ style of Country music, this album has a great sound.

Bottom line: If Alabama records it, I am going to love it!

Which is your favorite; old Alabama, or modern Alabama? Leave your vote in the comment section below!

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