Home Free’s New Album, Country Evolution, brings back country in a spectacular way!

What does A cappella music, the Oak Ridge Boys and Charlie Daniels have in common? Home Free! The brilliantly talented singers of Home Free have take a handful of classic country staples, remixed them, and invited the original groups to perform on the album with Home Free.

Home Free

The revamped version of ‘Elvira’ was unfolded in an upbeat music video that featured the mighty Oaks. Home Free’s newest album, Country Evolution, hit iTunes on September 18th. Their version of ‘Elvira’, featuring the Oak Ridge Boys,is on the album, as well as a strong, energy-filled version of ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’, with a little help from fiddle-expert Charlie Daniels.

Also included on the album are  ‘Friends in Low Places’, ‘Seven Bridges Road’ and ‘Honey, I’m Good’. A total of 14 songs have been compiled onto their newest, deluxe issue CD.

The video for ‘Seven Bridges Road’ was released on You Tube on the 19th, and has already raked up 53,805 views. The aspect of their videos that I enjoy is seeing their personalities shining through. It is evident they are really enjoying the ride they are on, and appreciate what they get to do. While I haven’t seen them in concert yet, I would imagine their shows are just as relaxed and entertaining as their videos. Speaking of seeing this group live…

Home Free’s tour is in full swing across the nation. Click here to find out where you see them.

Until you catch them live, be sure to check out the ‘Elvira’ music video. After watching this video,as well as many others on YouTube,  you will likely be hooked, and just might want to be a fan of Home Free, lovingly referred to as ‘home fries’ from the band.

Have you seen Home Free in concert? I plan on attending next month, in Orlando, and would love to hear about your concert experience in the comment section below!


  1. I’ve not seen them live yet, except for through fan videos on YouTube, but will see them in London, UK in January! Yes, they are finally coming to Europé! 😀 Have fun at the concert! Btw, you can find a full Review of Country Evolution on my blog.


  2. Thanks for a great review. I agree with your praise of their talent, and I don’t mean to criticize, but “Wake Me Up” was on the Crazy Life CD, their first release after winning the Sing-Off, not the new Country Evolution CD which includes “House Party” and “Honey I’m Good”. The regular version of their new CD has 11 songs. The deluxe version has 14 songs, and “Seven Bridges Road” is one of the bonus tracks only on the Deluxe CD, not on the regular CD. We “Home Fries” love this band.


  3. I have been a Home Fry, since I caught their performances on The Sing Off by on demand streaming at the end of 2013. Starting May 31, 2014 I have now attended 18 shows (only one in my home state), and have 5 more planned over the next 2 tours.
    Home Free’s live performance is very hard to put into words. They make an instant connection with the audience, so a flow of energy is traveling both ways and you can see it light them up and fuel the performance. The talent is solidly undeniable from the first note. Highlighted by soaring harmonies, rhythmically precise (vocal) percussion, and earth-grinding bass, the over all effect is breathtaking, and never fails to leave you wanting more.
    Possibly the most satisfying piece is the way the men of Home Free appreciate their Home Fries and genuinely want to personally connect with each one, no matter how impossible that really is. To this end they offer VIP experiences and do their best to include a merch signing/meet & greet line at the end.
    I predict that after your first show, you will be planning and plotting how to see them again.


  4. You will not be disappointed! These guys put on a fun show. Their vocal talent – Amazing! Their audience interaction – Delightful. Will be making to my 3rd show in Oct, 4th in Dec. Yes, they are that good!


  5. They are amazing in concert. I have seen them perform 4 times since end of June. In February, I attended a video shoot they did in Bloomington, MN. I can’t see myself in the video, but recalling the experience puts a huge smile on my face every time. I can’t wait to see them again.


  6. I’ve been a fan since their Sing Off win. Last May I saw them live. Even though I’ve seen a gazillion videos & have all their CDs, their live performance is beyond words! You actually ‘feel’ the performance. High energy, fun, quick wit, & the bass starts at your feet & vibrates thoughout your entire body! The beatboxing is unbelievably amazing! Every member in this group has so much talent! Together, they are phenomenal! Their performance is a must see!!!


  7. Your article about Home Free was on point. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I’ve only been to one show, but what you hear on their CD’s or on YouTube will barely prepare you for one of their live shows. These guys will blow your mind when they first start singing! They go all out! They sing well, they have fun at what they do, engage the crowd, they crack jokes, and put on an incredible show. They are so talented! If you get the chance to catch them at a live show you will not leave disappointed!


    • Thanks, Beth..I appreciate you leaving feedback, and hope you will follow my blog for updates throughout each week.
      I am planning on attending their concert when they are in Orlando, and am excited to see them live!


      • Thx for the great review!! There aren’t many bands where you can say they’re even better, LIVE!! The harmonies, the bass, the beats!! No instruments needed, these master arrangers ARE the singers & the band!! Many don’t know they’re also awesome musicians, some multi- *..
        YOU TUBE: * “ADAM RUPP ‘DRUM’ SOLO 8/17/15” – INSANE!!!!!! (actually CAN play trumpet,bass,keys,drums)!!

        Know you’ll have an awesome experience in Orlando @Plaza Live !! Will look forward to reading your post on it!! 🙂
        FORGOT TO MENTION: Per Country Music Nation: 9/18 is Hottest Album Release Day Of The Year! Both country music trailblazers! Alabama’s ‘Southern Drawl’ & Home Free’s ‘Country Evolution’ (whose Alabama mash-up is a
        must-hear & great tribute)!..They called it!..Alabama debuted at #2 & Home Free at #4 on Billboard Country Charts!!


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